Monday, 7 May 2012

Bunting Tutorial

I've been asked for some tips on how to make bunting for an article so thought I might as well write a blog about it! You can take a look at all the bunting which I have previously made in our shop
 Draw yourself a triangular template in the size that you wish the bunting to be. Remember that when you sew on your machine you will need to sew approx 5-10mm in from the edge so make the template slightly larger. Draw around your template on to your fabric and cut out. You will need 2 triangles for each flag.
 Sew the flags together with right sides facing and trim to the stitched line.
 Turn the flags inside out using a pencil or point to push the end out.
 Using a hot iron, press the flags to create neat seams.
 Using bias binding, pin the flags at equal spaces, sandwiching the flags between the binding.
 Using the edge of the machine foot as a guide, follow the edge of the binding through the machine, enclosing the raw edge of the flag inside the binding. Trim ends and your bunting is complete! 

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