Tuesday, 8 May 2012

May Wedding

I was asked by a friend of a friend to help out at their wedding which took place on May bank holiday weekend. It was set in the beautiful location of Treowen House, Monmouthshire.

"A Noble Mansion. It occupies a commanding situation from whence are surveyed some of the most interesting scenes in Monmouthshire   ...   A correspondent dignity pervades the whole of the interior. A staircase two yards wide, of 72 steps, with balustrades, the newels on the quarterspaces two feet round, the whole in solid oak, which still remains perfect, stands unrivalled in the Kingdom."
Antiquarian Charles Heath's glowing description, written in 1787, of the Grade I listed Treowen, Monmouthshire's most unusual historic house, remains as true today as when it was written. Panelled rooms, magnificent staircases, delightful gardens, breathtaking views, private woodland walks and a lofty position at the far end of a half mile long drive in one of the most beautiful corners of Wales offer atmosphere, privacy and a very different adventure holiday for the discerning visitor.
A step back into the 17th century in one of the finest unspoilt mansions in South Wales, four miles from the historic market town of Monmouth. It has been a family home from the very start and in the 17th century, a catholic and royalist one - the priest's hole on the first landing bears evidence to the dangers of its recusant past.
The present owners, the Wheelock family, lived and farmed here until 1993. Despite the imposing architecture, Treowen's halls and galleries have rung to the boisterous sounds of playing children over the centuries. But be reminded Treowen is an utterly unspoilt architectural masterpiece. It is a robust and beautiful example of another age. 
Taken from www.treowen.co.uk

I was asked by Eve to create her wedding bouquet, and having never done any flower arranging before I was slightly apprehensive, and nervous as to whether she would like it! In keeping with their country hunter theme I used ivy, and a mixture of orange, purple, green and white wild flowers. Mixed in were clusters of orange and pale yellow buttons to add an extra twist. It turned out better than I had expected and looked beautiful with Eve's gorgeous dress.

 The evening menu consisted of a banquet of cheese, biscuits, bread, wine, olives, houmous and home made chutneys which were made at Eve's hen weekend. The table looked gorgeous once i had laid it and was really in keeping with the style of the house.

Although completely exhausted after my weekend of wedding planning & organising, I wouldn't say no if asked again!

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